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  • Prayer
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    God’s house is to be a house of prayer, and God’s people are to be people of prayer. The Bible contains many examples of prayer and plenty of encouragement to pray.

    Prayer is how we express gratitude to God, how we request his help on behalf of others, and how we endure through trials and tempta...

  • One Another

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    Does Jesus inform how we should interact with each other? Does he have a preference for our attitude and behavior in the different relationships we may have?

    Loving one another sounds easy and even desirable, yet we all know "loving others" can be challenging! So what would it look like to "love...

  • Who is This Man?

    Guest Pastor John Ortberg explores Jesus' impact on history and how he changed the way we think about everything. '

  • Could This Be?

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    Those anticipating a Messiah were expecting a triumphal king, a righteous priest, and a great prophet. Someone to redeem, to save, and to rescue.

    On a quiet night in Bethlehem, a baby was born in unlikely circumstances to unsuspecting parents. So, how could this be the Savior? How could a humble...

  • Fruit of the Spirit

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    In the book of Galatians, Paul outlines the Fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. We desire to experience and share these traits as the result of the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives, but it can be easier said than done...

  • Radical
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    When you say you’re a follower of Christ, are you ready for what that really means? As Christians, are we really ready to “take up our cross and follow him?” The stakes are high, and opportunity is significant. This calls for radical actions based on a radical commitment to the one who demonstrat...

  • Summer in the Psalms

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    Summer in the Psalms explores one of the most diverse books of the Bible and the wisdom in these songs of worship to God. The Psalms remind us of God’s nature and grace, and allow us to see from a new perspective how God walks with us through every trial and rejoices in our triumphs.

  • Movementum

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    What does it mean to move forward in your spiritual life? As followers of Jesus, we want to become more like him and demonstrate God’s love as he did, but what are practical steps we can take so we aren't feeling stuck?
    Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs will lead us through our new series, Movementum, w...

  • Fearless

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    Our world reminds us there are many things to fear: failure, not being accepted, not being valued, not being loved. What if we don't measure up to the expectations of God or others? What if we can't truly be ourselves?
    Fearless series explores what it looks like to find our confidence in who God ...

  • Kingdom Culture

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    What we think about Jesus greatly influences our daily lives. He has an impact on everything: how we work, where we spend our time and money, and how we treat others around us. If we are not careful, our perception of him can get unclear over time.
    In this series, Kingdom Culture, we take a look ...

  • The Next Right Thing

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    Each new year brings with it a chance to take a closer look at our lives and readjust our priorities. We have the opportunity to ask ourselves: what do I want to do differently this year? How can I change what I know isn’t working?
    This series will explore what it looks like to navigate the uncer...

  • Standalone Messages

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  • Sermon on the Mount

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    The teachings of Jesus reveal something much greater than we constantly hear from the world. Jesus shows us ways we can withstand the pressures of life and change our perspective on what a good life looks like. But what is he offering us? How can we put it into practice?

    Jesus’ teaching in the S...

  • Build A Life That Matters

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    We learned many lessons during the pandemic that we would most likely never have learned otherwise. When friends or loved ones were fighting COVID, we had the opportunity of focusing on the most important things in our lives—the things that mattered most.
    Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs kicks off a ne...

  • I've Been Thinking: Summer Series 2021

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    Our summer series, I’ve Been Thinking, will share weekly messages to encourage us and guide us in our faith.

  • Unwavering

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    How can we make sense of hardship, suffering, and situations beyond our understanding? Even though they may not seem like it at the time, trials can be gifts–they allow us to truly trust God and lean on him.
    We can look to Job in the Bible for an example of how to trust God in the midst of diffic...

  • Good News: Jesus in the Book of Luke

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    Who is Jesus? What is the Gospel? In a world bombarded with trials and troubles, we’re longing for good news more than ever. What if the good news we’re searching for is closer than we think? How can we experience the freedom and joy God intended for us?

    Learn who Jesus is and explore the transf...

  • Breathing Underwater

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    If the year 2020 taught us anything, it reminded us just how temporary things can be on planet earth. This has been a season that begged us to stop and reflect, evaluate, and prioritize. Covid occasionally took our breath away ... stunned by the loved ones lost, career paths diverted, and the fut...

  • Hope Is Here

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    All of us were reminded this year that we want something greater than what the world delivers. We long for peace and hope, which can only be found in one source. God promises us these longings are fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

    On Sunday, December 6, Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs began our Christmas se...

  • Serenity

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    When was the last time you experienced serenity in your daily life?

    It’s no secret that our lives can be full of anxiety, stress, and distractions. It’s not easy to keep our focus centered on God or our eternity with him when our lives are so complicated. Many times, it’s tough to have the wisdo...

  • There Was Jesus

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    On Sunday, October 4, Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs began the series, There Was Jesus, which reminds us just how deeply Jesus loves and cares for us, no matter our mistakes, trials, and challenges.

    When you’re experiencing a difficult season, where do you find hope? When you’re hurting, where do yo...

  • Here I Stand

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  • Summer Series 2020

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    Summer Series 2020 will share weekly messages of hope, guide us in living our faith among our neighbors and community, and encourage us to serve those around us.

  • Habitudes

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    Join Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs for the June series, Habitudes: Conforming to the Jesus Way of Life, as he leads us in applying biblical principles to our daily lives by exploring how Jesus lived his life on earth–and reminding us God is still God and we are still his.