Clarifying Questions

Clarifying Questions

In the Bible God sometimes asks tough questions, pointed questions that make you stop and think about your life. The kind of questions that challenge you and encourage you to consider truly living the life he created you to live. Beginning Sunday, January 7, join Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs as he explores the questions God poses to give us a glimpse of the purpose and possibilities he has in mind for us.

Clarifying Questions
  • Ep 1: What is That in Your Hand?

    As we start a new year, this is the perfect time to evaluate what we are bringing with us into the new year and what we may need to leave behind. Watch this message from Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs to hear how God calls Moses to action and how we can learn from that today.

  • Ep 2: What Are You Doing Here?

    Are you running from God? Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs tells the story of Elijah to illustrate how God shows up for us even when we find we’ve been hiding from him. Watch this message from Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs to learn more.

  • Ep 3: Who Do You Say I Am?

    Who do you personally say that Jesus is? Whether or not we realize it, we answer that question every day in the way we live. Does who you proclaim that Jesus is match the way you live? Watch this message from Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs to learn more about who Jesus is and why it still matters today.

  • Ep 4: Where are you?

    In his message on Sunday, Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs explained that God comes looking for us, not because he can’t find us or doesn’t know where we are, but to remind us even though he is disappointed, he is still there and still cares. Watch this message to learn more.

  • Ep 5: What Does It Benefit You?

    Jesus asked his disciples, “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?” Have you ever considered the value of your soul? Watch this message from Pastor Andy Rauschkolb to learn more about how Jesus values our souls.

  • Ep 6: Do You Want To Get Well?

    It can be easy to get comfortable when we’re unwell, sometimes depending on others to care for us or just choosing to stay in our comfort zone of arrogance, control, greed, whatever it may be. Jesus asks, "Do you want to get well?" It takes work to stay well, so we must determine if we're willing...

  • Ep 7: What Questions Did God Ask Job?

    Watch this message from guest speaker John Ortberg as he explores the book of Job to answer the question, “Is God really good?”

  • Ep 8: What is Your Name?

    Are you pretending to be someone you’re not? Watch this message, from Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs, about the story of Jacob and Esau to learn how the end of your ego is the beginning of your true identity.