Voice of Hope

Voice of Hope

Part of our mission at Crossings is to be a Voice of Hope. This means we speak life into our families, our workplaces, and our communities by sharing the hope we have in Jesus. This series explores what it looks like as a church and as individuals to be a Voice of Hope within our communities.

Voice of Hope
  • Betrand Fonsa

    Everyone in our church has a story. Betrand Fonsa and his family have been attending at Crossings Edmond location for a number of years. Betrand invites us into his home and onto the other side of the globe to recount his story of struggle and strength/dark and light/love and hope as an immigrant...

  • Ep 11: Extravagant Gratitude

    Watch this message from Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs where he explores David's gratitude for the Lord and his provision during David's life (from 1 Chronicles 28 & 29).

  • Ep 10: Following Jesus ... The Giver of Hope

    Believing in Jesus is acknowledging he is the Son of God. Following Jesus changes us because it requires sacrifice. When we follow Jesus, people can see we are different from the world, and this gives us the opportunity to share our hope with others. Watch this message from Senior Pastor Marty Gr...

  • Ep 9: Preparing for the Future

    Why is it important for us to think about the future, and how we can prepare for coming generations? Watch this message from Pastor Bill Search to learn more!

  • Ep 8: With the Help of Our God

  • Ep 7: Never Lose Hope

    It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the world around us and give in to worry and anxiety. But, as Christians, we have hope in Jesus that sustains us through every circumstance. Watch this message from Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs to learn more.

  • Ep 6: Disrupting Your Story

    Pastor Blake Bastin shares how he found his way back to God after walking away unintentionally.

  • Ep 5: Enlarge My Territory

    In 1 Chronicles 4:10, Jabez prayed for God to enlarge his territory; we can follow in Jabez’s footsteps with the same prayer. When we ask God to enlarge our territory, we are asking him to increase our capacity to: love those who are not like us, love God’s church, and follow Jesus on his terms,...

  • Ep: 4 A Tale of Two Trees

    Many trees are referenced throughout the Bible as symbols. Two of those trees are the sycamore tree in Luke 19 and the tamarisk tree in Genesis 21. How do these two trees challenge us to consider if we are helping people see Jesus? Watch this message from Pastor Jared Chambers to learn more.

  • Ep 3: The Clarity of Pain

    The reason some people of faith rise above others is because they pray bold prayers. Watch this message from Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs to learn more.

  • Ep 2: Vision

    Jesus modeled the perfect Church during his ministry on earth as a community where everybody’s welcome, nobody’s perfect, and anything’s possible. When the Church prioritizes these three things it has forces the likes of which the world has never seen: love, mercy, grace, compassion, and humility...

  • Ep 1: A Voice of Hope

    Are you wondering how to be a voice of hope? Watch this message from Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs to learn more about what it means to be a voice of hope in our communities. For more information and to get involved visit https://crossings.church/hope