Summer at Crossings

Summer at Crossings

The summer season allows us take a break from our typical routine and slow down (even if it's just a little bit!) Spend this summer with Crossings as we dive into Scripture to rejuvenate our souls for the busy fall season ahead.

Summer at Crossings
  • Ep 6: Resumé Not Required

    Do you feel like you have to prove your merit to God? It can be tempting to trust our own works rather than humbling ourselves and accepting God’s mercy. But, God is not interested in our merit, instead our humility is what he desires. He freely gives mercy, are you ready to accept it? Watch this...

  • Ep 1 (OKC): A Story For Our Time

    It can be easy to look around at our world and become disheartened. Watch this message from Pastor Terry Feix as he explores the story of Joseph and reminds us we may be helpless but with God we are never hopeless.

  • Ep 1 (Edmond): Follow the Leader

    Pastor Kim Gilliam kicks off the Summer Series with a message on following the leader.

  • Ep 2 (OKC): Finding Our Way

    Pastor Deidre Franklin talks about spiritual formation.

  • Ep 2 (Edmond): Are You Offended?

    Location Pastor Marc Taylor continues the Summer Series with a compelling message on taking offense.

  • Ep 3 (OKC): Jesus in Focus

    It’s easy to lose focus when we become familiar with things and the same is true for Jesus. The longer we’ve known him, the harder it can be to see him “in focus”. Watch this message from Pastor Cliff Sanders to be reminded who Jesus is and why it’s so important to see him clearly.

  • Ep 3 (Edmond): Mind the Speed Bump

    Pastor Jill Poe-Thompson continues the Summer Series with a message on minding the speed bumps.

  • Ep 4 (OKC): The Goodness of God

    Pastor Andy Rauschkolb continues the Summer Series with a message on the Goodness of God.

  • Ep 5: The Gospel Revealed

    Pastor Blake Bastin gives a message about the demon-possessed man, found in Mark 5. He shares this story to remind us that God loves each and every one of us.