Story of Us

Story of Us

God's salvation plan didn't just start or end with Easter. There's more to the story of his love for us. Join us as we look at the bigger picture and see how God's pursuit of us unfolds.

Story of Us
  • Ep 1: A Bigger Story

    Our story is actually God’s story—he has redeemed us through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Watch this message from Pastor Andy Rauschkolb to learn more about how God is fighting for us, not against us.

  • Ep 2: True Colors

    Watch this message from Pastor Jared Chambers to learn how the Easter story is the fullest representation of who God is and how it displays God’s true colors—that he’s been trying to show us all along.

  • Ep 3: Hope for the Forsaken

    We all experience distress, but how do we talk to God about it? Watch this message from Pastor Bill Search as he uses Psalm 22 as a guide for prayer during times of distress.