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What Do You Treasure?

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Ask. Seek. Knock.

Sermon on the Mount

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  • What Do You Treasure?

    Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs continued in the Sermon on the Mount series focusing on what we treasure. In his most famous sermon, Jesus touched on many topics, including the difference between earthly and heavenly treasures. As Marty explained, Jesus tells us:
    • What we typically treasure is tempo...

  • The Christian's Uncommon Call

    Andy Rauschkolb, Pastor to Young Adults, continued in our Sermon on the Mount series. Jesus was addressing the crowd and was in the section of the sermon where he was saying, “You have heard that it was said ... but I tell you ...” When Jesus says, “I tell you,” it is a time to sit up and take no...

  • Moses and Jesus: Sermon on the Mount ...

    Pastor Terry Feix continued our series on the Sermon on the Mount, explaining the covenants God made with his people. The old covenant was built on the law that was given to Moses. God gave commandments, or rules, to guide a nation, Israel, to give them a way into righteousness, a law of works (s...