Kim Gilliam

Kim Gilliam

Kim Gilliam
  • Set Free

    Religious rules don't transform us & checklists don't change us. It is love that makes us different. Watch this message from Crossings Edmond KIDS and Students Pastor, Kim Gilliam, about the freedom only possible through Jesus!

  • Ep 7: The God who...

  • Ep 5: Why Should We Be Kind?

    This week, Pastor Kim Gilliam, continued in our series, Fruit of the Spirit, by focusing on kindness. She defined kindness as a supernaturally generous orientation of our hearts toward other people, even when they don’t deserve it or don’t love us in return, a generosity of spirit.
    Kindness is:

  • Noah

    Meet Noah! God was pleased with Noah and his family. God provided a way for them to be spared from the flood that would destroy the earth. Through Noah's life, we learn about the importance of trusting and obeying God.

  • What is the Bible?

    This video will explain what the Bible is, how it applies to our life, and why it is trustworthy.