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So What About Forgiveness?

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  • So What About Forgiveness?

    This week we're talking about forgiveness. As christians, we are called to "...forgive as Christ forgave us", but what does that look like? And answering the question, "how do I forgive someone when they are not asking for it?". Todd Poe, the digital discipleship pastor and former long-time couns...

  • So What is the Gospel?

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    “The Gospel” is a phrase that gets used in church often, but do we as followers of Jesus actually know what it means and how to share it? This week we’re starting a “Back to The Basics'' series on “So What? There are so many diffe...

  • So What is Prayer?

    Prayer, it is something that is vital in our relationship with God, but why? What is it, how do you do it, and why is it important? This is the second podcast in our “Back to The Basics'' series on “So What? There are so many different terms and ideas that get tossed around at church, but do we a...