The Story Behind Christmas

The Story Behind Christmas

The Story Behind Christmas prepares us for Christmas by going step by step through the story.

The Story Behind Christmas
  • Ep 1: Behind the Scenes

    Pastor Terry Feix begins the Story Behind Christmas Series.

    Find the teaching notes here:

  • Ep 2: The Plan to Stop the Messiah

    For Further Discussion:
    • Are you surprised by how long God worked to redeem us? Are you surprised how hard Satan tried to stop it?
    • The Jewish people were chosen by God to play a role in his plan of redemption. Despite their frequent unfaithfulness to God, they survived – why do you think tha...

  • Ep 3: Angels at Work in the Story

    For Further Discussion:
    • God’s grace takes many forms as he provides for us. Do you think he sometimes uses angels in the process today?
    • While Satan is planning large-scale destruction, God seems to work in subtle, sometimes small, ways. Why do you think that may be?
    • Share some ways God h...