The Christology Project: Knowing Jesus

The Christology Project: Knowing Jesus

At the core of our Christian beliefs is the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. Understanding these two topics helps us to not only grasp the wonder of the gospel, but also to live out its truths by faith in our Glorious Savior.

The Christology Project: Knowing Jesus
  • Why Jesus Matters: An Overview

    Jesus is the reason for everything, so one day we will all acknowledge that nothing was more important in our short earthly lives than knowing Him—and even those who refused to believe in Him will one day acknowledge His supremacy.

  • Who Is This Man?

    The Bible is not MERELY an instruction manual. Of course, it does give us great guidance on how to live a meaningful life, and warns us against the pitfalls of living a regrettable life.
    But what is the Bible’s main message? What is its intent? The Bible is MORE than an instruction manual—it is ...

  • Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?

    Why did Jesus live on earth for 33 years, if his ministry and work lasted less than three years? And why is almost all of his earthly life unrecorded? Aren't we missing something, if the gospels record less than 1% of his earthly life?

  • Why Did Jesus Stay?

    There are several things that set Jesus apart from all other religious figures. His obscure background is one of those things, and pondering it can bring his followers deep comfort!

  • What is Jesus Doing Now?

    Something Christians may not consider as much as we think about Jesus' ministry on earth is his present ministry in Heaven. We know well what he has done for us in the past, but did his service to us end there, or is he also ministering on our behalf right now? If so, what is he doing?

  • What's Next? The Return of The Son

    One of the primary evidences of Christian faith is the anticipation of our Savior's return. We who love Christ are a "looking forward" people, eagerly awaiting the day when all will be made right again.