Scott Bartlow

Scott Bartlow

Scott Bartlow
  • Ep 1: Balanced and Rotated

    Paul instructs the Thessalonians to avoid being busy for business sake and adding things to your plate with hurry and anxiety is not a blessed life. But instead, the quiet life sounds pretty ordinary. True Life is when we image God in all that we do (including raising our kids!) and aspire to res...

  • From Crisis to Commission: Answering Christ's Call to Go and Make Disciples

    In this sermon, Pastor Scott Bartlow discusses the Great Commission and the call to make disciples.

  • Fruit of the Spirit - Self-Control

    Listen to Pastor Scott Bartlow's sermon from November 20, 2022 on Gentleness.

  • Ep 2: Divine Design

    We live in a world where everything is customizable. You can get cool customized Nikes with your name on it. You can customize products and even change different things to your physical body if your not happy with it.
    In this episode, Pastor Scott Bartlow wants to make the case that your design ...

  • Ep 1: Gifts of Grace

    Do you want the gift God has for you or the gift you want for you? The way we answer this question shapes how we see God and ourselves.