Paige Adams

Paige Adams

Paige Adams
  • So What? A Content Mindset

    This week we had Blake Bastin on the Podcast finishing out our Philippians series in Philippians 4. What is the secret to contentment? How do we find contentment in Christ? How can we know God? We answer these questions and more on this weeks episode of the podcast! This podcast exists to help yo...

  • So What? A Servant Mindset

    What is a servant mindset and how do we adopt it? How can we cultivate humility and obedience in our lives? We talk about these questions and more in this weeks episode of "So What?" as we recap our series "Mindset: A Study in Philippians" This podcast exists to help young adults navigate real li...

  • So What? An Eternal Mindset

    This week on "So What?" we're talking about our new series "The Same Mindset". We talk about an eternal mindset, and how adopting it can impact how we live in light of Christ coming back. This podcast exists to help young adults navigate real life and cultural topics in light of what the Bible sa...

  • So What? Disordered Desires

    This week on ""So What?"" we took a closer look at disordered desires, what they look like, how we can reorder them and how it impacts our lives. “So What?” is a podcast from The Gathering at Crossings Community Church. This podcast exists to help young adults navigate real life and cultural topi...

  • So What, Anxiety or Curiosity?

    On Tuesday, Andy spoke on 'Anxiety or Curiosity'. In this podcast, we talk about several other stories that deal with anxiety in the Bible, how being in the presence of Jesus changes how we walk through the storms of life, and give some practical advice on how to deal with your anxious thoughts. ...

  • Ep 4: Dating Q&A Panel

    November 23, 2021

  • So What? The Way of the Wise vs. The Way of the Wicked Recap

    Happy New Year! This season on “So What?” We are going to dive deeper into our Tuesday night series “One Way or Another”, recapping the message and practical applications for what we talk about. This week, we discussed “The Way of The Wise vs. The Way of the Wicked” and took a look at Psalm 1. We...

  • So What About Social Media?

    Welcome to the "So What?" Podcast! In this episode, we want to share with you why we wanted to start a podcast, and then dive straight into social media. How it affects us, if Christians should use it, if so, how? And everything in between.

  • The Person I'm Dating Has Red Flags, So What?

    Are red flags really thattt big of an issue? In this episode we're talking about red flags to look for in dating, and how to navigate the dating process in a way that is honoring one to another and to the Lord.

  • So What About the Green Flags?

    We're on the up and up from last week, because this week we're talking about the Green Flags to look for in dating! What are some things that you should be looking for in someone you are wanting to date, how to date well and in a way that is honoring to the Lord.

  • So What About My Dating Questions? Q&A

    So What about your dating questions? Y'all have questions on question about dating, and this week we wanted to hear from you! This week y'all submitted questions and Andy, Oakley and Paige are answering them. SPOILER.... we also give you some great date ideas in this podcast if you're in OKC!

  • So What About Making Decisions?

    Decisions, decisions, decisions.... Sometimes it feels like your young adult years are just one decision after another, and that can be overwhelming to say the least. This week on So What? We talk about how to make wise decisions, AND how to make decisions in a way that is honoring to the Lord.

  • So What About Alcohol?

    This week we’re talking about Alcohol. All kinds of questions come up around this topic in our young adult years like, can christians drink? Or go out? What does the Bible say about it? We're answering these questions and more on this weeks episode.

  • So What About Forgiveness?

    This week we're talking about forgiveness. As christians, we are called to "...forgive as Christ forgave us", but what does that look like? And answering the question, "how do I forgive someone when they are not asking for it?". Todd Poe, the digital discipleship pastor and former long-time couns...

  • So What is the Gospel?

    Find out more about The Gathering at

    “The Gospel” is a phrase that gets used in church often, but do we as followers of Jesus actually know what it means and how to share it? This week we’re starting a “Back to The Basics'' series on “So What? There are so many diffe...

  • So What is Prayer?

    Prayer, it is something that is vital in our relationship with God, but why? What is it, how do you do it, and why is it important? This is the second podcast in our “Back to The Basics'' series on “So What? There are so many different terms and ideas that get tossed around at church, but do we a...

  • So What is the Church?

    “The Church” is a concept that most of us are familiar with, but what is it exactly? In this week’s episode we are answering questions like “What is the church, how did it come about?” and “What should we expect from church, and what should the church expect from us?” and more.
    “So What?” is a po...

  • So What is Confession and Repentance?

    Confession and Repentance is a concept that we see all throughout scripture, but it isn’t something that we see practiced often. In this podcast, we talk about the difference between the two, how to practice them, and why it is so vital for our faith.

  • So What is "Quiet Time"?

    “Quiet Time” is something that you are familiar with if you grew up in church, but if you are like many of us, you were always told you should do a quiet time, but no one told you how or why you should do it.
    For the next two weeks we are going to look at this practice, learn about what it is, ho...

  • So What is "Quiet Time"? Part 2

    In part two of “So What is ‘Quiet Time’?” We get to talk with Crossings Executive Pastors Terry Feix and Bill Search about their thoughts on “Quite Time”, how their practices have changed through the years, and their advice for how to engage in this practice well. We’re excited to have them on th...

  • So What is Advent?

    "Christmastime is finally here! The beginning of December marks the beginning of Advent. In this podcast we answer the question, What is Advent? We talk about the history of Advent, what it means, and how we as Christians can practice it now as a way to draw closer to Jesus in this busy season.

  • So What is Contentment?

    It's the last "So What?" of 2022! This week on "So What?" we're talking about contentment-it is something that we all strive for, but seems so difficult to obtain. In this podcast, we define commitment, address some of the barriers keeping us from contentment, and talk about why it is so importan...