Out of Egypt

Out of Egypt

Out of Egypt tells the story of God using Moses to free His people from Egypt through pop-up book animation.

Out of Egypt
  • God Calls Moses

    Moses is protected as a baby in a special way from a dangerous rule. As he grows up, God calls Moses to save His people from an unfair ruler. God speaks to Moses in a way that only He can.

  • God Delivered His People

    God uses Moses to deliver his message to Pharaoh. Pharaoh refuses to let God's people go free and the Egyptian people suffer through many plagues because of this decision. Pharaoh finally agrees to let the Israelites go with Moses.

  • God Parted the Red Sea

    As the Israelites flee Egypt, Pharaoh changes his mind and wants them to come back. He sends out his army after them. God makes a way for the Israelites to escape the Egyptians.