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Matt Cartwright

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Matt Cartwright
  • Ep. 5 “It’s time to have THE Talk”

    We live in an over-sexualized culture and our kids will become inundated with sexual content and conversations (if they aren’t already!). As a Dad, it’s our responsibility to outline God’s plan for sexual stewardship by providing an emotionally stable home where these dialogues point to his goodn...

  • Ep 4: As For Me and My House…

    Joshua 24:15 is a familiar passage, “... as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” How do we go about doing that? How does dad make sure that a house is serving the Lord? Aren’t we all too busy? In this episode, we discuss the promise to do the best we can to make sure that everything that...

  • Ep 3: Challenge Accepted

    Being a dad is awesome but becoming a dad–facing those first few challenges–is a whole other story! In this episode, we have a group of dads talking about the initial challenges, mistakes, (and some victories!) we’ve all made in those first few months and years of becoming a dad. It’s not always ...

  • Ep 2: Big God and Little Kids

    George B. Shaw said “the biggest mistake in communication is assuming it has taken place.” Shaw was most likely not referring to conversations about faith but that quote really drives home the point of today’s discussion: It would be a mistake to assume our kids understand our faith, or even have...

  • Ep 1: Balanced and Rotated

    Paul instructs the Thessalonians to avoid being busy for business sake and adding things to your plate with hurry and anxiety is not a blessed life. But instead, the quiet life sounds pretty ordinary. True Life is when we image God in all that we do (including raising our kids!) and aspire to res...

  • Jumpstart 2019: Session 1

    Shari Murphy LPC/LMFT, David Murphy, Matt and Courtney Cartwright

  • Easter 2023 - The Cartwrights

    Matt and Courtney Cartwright have been through it all. Their faith kept them in it.

    Watch this Easter 2023 story to see how your faith can anchor you in trials!

  • Ep. 6 - Graphic Designer by trade / Pastor by Calling: Matt Cartwright

    Marty discusses how the Church helps redeem relationships and explores an unexpected journey of a graphic designer with Matt Cartwright, Pastor of Adult Education and Men’s Ministry.