Lyn Watson

Lyn Watson

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Lyn Watson
  • Ep 2: So Loved

    The second part of John 3:16 helps us understand love.

  • Jumpstart 2023: Men's Breakout Session 1

    Shari Murphy LPC/LMFT and Lyn Watson speak to the men's breakout group about finding joy in marriage, building trust with your wife, improving communication, and much more.

  • Jumpstart 2023: Women's Breakout Session 2

    Shari Murphy LPC/LMFT, Lyn Watson, and Kim Grubbs join the Women's Breakout Session to discuss multiple topics including: building credibility in marriage, strategies for hard conversations, asking good questions and building interest to deepen relational connection.

  • Ep. 7 - Giving Thanks in All Circumstances: Lyn Watson

    Marty talks with Lyn Watson, Executive Pastor, and delves into what it means to give thanks in all circumstances and how we can slow down in a culture that is pushing us to constantly “be on the go.”