Kingdom Culture

Kingdom Culture

What we think about Jesus greatly influences our daily lives. He has an impact on everything: how we work, where we spend our time and money, and how we treat others around us. If we are not careful, our perception of him can get unclear over time.
In this series, Kingdom Culture, we take a look at the book of Colossians–a letter written to people not too different from us–and discover where we need to refocus on Jesus in our lives.

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Kingdom Culture
  • Ep 1: Kingdom Culture

    " This week Pastor Andy Rauschkolb kicked off the new series, Kingdom Culture—a study of the book of Colossians. The people in the church of Colossi were in difficult and dark circumstances due to economic and other issues, yet they were faithful and continued to live a kingdom culture.
    Kingdom c...

  • Ep 2: The King of the Kingdom

    "This week Pastor Andy Rauschkolb continued in the new series, Kingdom Culture–a study of the book of Colossians. Studying chapter 1, verses 13-22, Andy defined who Jesus is in relation to the kingdom, to us, to God, and to the world. We need to remember and focus on the centrality, supremacy, pr...

  • Ep 3: A Kingdom Mindset

    "This week Andy Rauschkolb, pastor to young adults, continued in the series, Kingdom Culture: A study of the book of Colossians. The first fourteen verses in chapter three capture the Kingdom mindset. As recapped by Andy: A Kingdom mindset is:
    • Setting your heart and mind on Christ
    • Putting to ...

  • Ep 4: A Kingdom Prayer

    This week Pastor Andy Rauschkolb continued in our Kingdom Culture series, looking at Colossians 4 where Paul talks about prayer with a kingdom mindset. Mindset—or what we set our mind to—is rooted in what we think about or pray about. In this passage, Paul’s mindset is on Jesus. His prayer is int...