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John Ortberg

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John Ortberg
  • Ep 1: Get Out of the Boat

    Have you chosen a life of comfort? Watch this message from special guest John Ortberg to learn how you can quit playing it safe with your faith.

  • Ep 7: What Questions Did God Ask Job?

    Watch this message from guest speaker John Ortberg as he explores the book of Job to answer the question, “Is God really good?”

  • Jumpstart 2023: Men's Breakout Session 2

    Utilizing the Biblical story of Job, John Ortberg joins the Men's Breakout Session to discuss how to hold on to hope through difficult seasons in marriage and life.

  • Jumpstart 2023: Women's Breakout Session 1

    John Ortberg joins the Women's Breakout Session and discusses how to hang on to God through exploring the Biblical story of Job.

  • Jumpstart 2023: Session 3

    Every marriage will face a storm at some point in their journey together. We prepare for these storms by building solid foundations that stand strong during these seasons. Find out how to build a marriage that can survive the storms of life.

  • Jumpstart 2023: Session 2

    Explore the practical Five Step Model of communication and working through conflict: Stop, Ask, Listen, Rethink, Go

  • Jumpstart 2023: Session 1

    In this session John discusses the 4 myths about marriage and explores the three basic relational responses - turn toward, turn away, turn against - and their impact on a marriage.

  • Who is This Man?

    Guest Pastor John Ortberg explores Jesus' impact on history and how he changed the way we think about everything. '

  • The Fellowship of the Withered Hand

    This week John Ortberg, well-known author and pastor, taught from a story of healing and restoration in the gospels. Jesus was being tested about healing on the Sabbath, believing it was against their man-made rules. But Jesus knows God’s power is not constricted by human laws, and chose this tim...

  • Ep 7: Why Should We Be Faithful? Does It Matter?

    This week, John Ortberg joined us with a great message on faithfulness, continuing in our series on the Fruit of the Spirit series. In the story from the Old Testament, God told Abraham (Abrahm) to go, and to be blessed so he would be a blessing. Abraham was faithful but not perfect. He made cont...

  • Ep 4: Cutting the toxic thread

    This week special guests John and Nancy Ortberg continued in our Movementum series, teaching from Matthew 6 on worry. Jesus tells us not to worry, so how do we recognize it, and how we can overcome it? The main thing is to understand that we will have trouble; in the Matthew 6 passage, we are pro...

  • Ep 1: The Spirit of the Disciplines with John Ortberg

    Pastor Bill Search is joined by author, pastor, and teacher John Ortberg to discuss the Spirit of the Disciplines.

  • Ep 2: The Power of Friendship with John Ortberg

    Pastor Bill Search is joined again by author, pastor, and teacher John Ortberg to discuss the power of friendship.

  • The Narrow and Wide Gates

    This week, well-known author, speaker, and pastor, John Ortberg, continued in our series on the Sermon on the Mount. John explained the meaning of the narrow and wide gate Jesus refers to in Matthew chapter 7. The narrow gate does not represent those who “get in” to heaven, it represents the devo...