Jenny Sabiston

Jenny Sabiston

Jenny Sabiston
  • Ep 1: For God

    "For God" is one of the most recognizable scriptural references. But what does it mean?

  • Ep 2: Jesus, the Son

    Jenny Sabiston, Pastor, Central Ministry Support - Kids & Students, continues with Jesus, the Son.

  • Fruit of the Spirit - Peace

    PEACE. Pause in his presence, establish truth, acknowledge fear, commit to trust, examine your heart.

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?

    Hunter sends in the question, "Who is the Holy Spirit?". Jenny answers using the Bible to explain who the Holy Spirit is what He is like. She also describes the Holy Spirit's involvement in a Christian's life.

  • Who is God?

    Hannah sends in the question, "Who is God?". Jenny answers using the Bible to explain who God is and what He is like.

  • Paul In Prison

    Paul and Silas are put in prison for teaching people about Jesus Christ. While in prison, they worship the Lord. Their worship creates an opportunity for them to minister to the jailer.

  • Abraham

    Meet Abraham! God made a special promise, called a covenant, to Abraham and it changed his life. Through Abraham's life story, we learn about depending on God and trusting Him, even when it seems impossible.