How To Use Your Bible

How To Use Your Bible

The "How To" series helps kids understand and begin to participate in different aspects of the Christian life.

How To Use Your Bible
  • What is the Bible?

    This video will explain what the Bible is, how it applies to our life, and why it is trustworthy.

  • Navigating the Bible

    This video will explain how to navigate the Bible through books, chapters, and verses. This video will also provide you with different tips and tricks for finding passages in the Bible with ease.

  • What to Read in the Bible

    Knowing where to begin reading the Bible can be intimidating.This video will offer and explain different potential starting points for reading the Bible.

  • How to Study the Bible

    Studying the Bible is an important practice for Christ followers to include in their everyday life. This video will teach you a simple and effective way to study the Bible for all ages.