Hot Seat

Hot Seat

The Hot Seat is a place where true Bible stories are told, but with an exciting challenge for our storyteller.

Hot Seat
  • Jonah

    God calls Jonah to speak to the people of Nineveh, but Jonah disobeys God. His disobedience puts himself and others in danger. Jonah was given another opportunity and chose to obey God.

  • Elijah vs. Baal

    During a drought in Israel, the people were worshipping idols and false gods. Elijah invites the prophets of the false gods to a challenge. God shows that He is the one true God.

  • David and Goliath

    When a giant named Goliath challenges the Israelites, a small shepherd boy named David volunteers. David trusted God to be with him and help him face this challenge.

  • The Wall of Jericho

    God gave the Israelites an unusual strategy for the battle of Jericho. Joshua led the army to follow God's instructions. God was faithful to Joshua because of his obedience.