Hello, My Name Is... Season 2

Hello, My Name Is... Season 2

The "Hello My Name Is" series introduces you to a real person from the Bible and tells you about their life.

Hello, My Name Is... Season 2
  • Joseph

    Meet Joseph! Joseph was mistreated by his brothers but ended up ruling Egypt. Through Joseph’s life we learn about God’s faithfulness.

  • Mary

    Meet Mary! Mary is the earthly mother of Jesus. This was no small task! Through the life of Mary, we learn what faith in God looks like.

  • Isaiah

    Meet Isaiah! Isaiah was a prophet of the one true God. God spoke through Isaiah sharing His redemption plan that was coming through Jesus. Through Isaiah’s life we learn about obedience to God.

  • John the Baptist

    Meet John the Baptist! John the Baptist was a prophet. He was chosen by God to tell people about the coming of Jesus! Through the life of John the Baptist, we learn about humility and pointing others to Jesus.