Hello, My Name Is

Hello, My Name Is

The "Hello My Name Is" series introduces you to a real person from the Bible and tells you about their life.

Hello, My Name Is
  • Abraham

    Meet Abraham! God made a special promise, called a covenant, to Abraham and it changed his life. Through Abraham's life story, we learn about depending on God and trusting Him, even when it seems impossible.

  • Moses

    Meet Moses! God had a special plan to have Moses help deliver His people out of slavery in Egypt. Through Moses' life story, we learn that God is always with us no matter what happens in our lives.

  • Noah

    Meet Noah! God was pleased with Noah and his family. God provided a way for them to be spared from the flood that would destroy the earth. Through Noah's life, we learn about the importance of trusting and obeying God.

  • David

    Meed David! David had a very close relationship with God and was known as a man after God's own heart. Through David's life we are able to learn about faithfulness.