God's Rescue Plan

God's Rescue Plan

God's Rescue Plan is a collection of stories from the Old Testament told by shadow box animation.

God's Rescue Plan
  • God Made a Covenant with Abraham

    God makes a special promise to Abraham called a covenant. God promises something that only He can do. Abraham trusted and obeyed God.

  • Melchizedek Blessed Abraham

    God reminds Abraham of His promise to Him. After being told about a war, Abraham gathers men and goes into battle. Returning home from battle, Abraham meets Melchizedek and is blessed by Him.

  • God Provided Issac

    God gave Abraham and Sarah a son named Isaac. One day God tested Abraham by requiring Isaac as a sacrifice. Before Abraham could go through with the sacrifice, God provided another way. This reminded Abraham again that God would be faithful and keep His covenant with him.

  • God Changed Jacob

    Two brothers have a battle for the family birthright to inherit the blessings of their father. After one brother tricks the other, he worries that his brother will remain angry. But after an encounter with God, he is changed. In the end, the brothers are able to reunite.

  • God Had a Plan for Joseph

    Throughout Joseph's life things go differently than he planned. But God is faithful to provide opportunities for him to accomplish what God has planned for Him. Joseph's obedience leads him to a position of power that allows him to rescue his family.

  • God Controls Everything

    Job is faithful and obedient to God throughout his life despite challenges and tragedies. Even when Job did not understand God's plans, he could trust God because of who He is.