• Ep 3: Are You Listening?

    Pastor Deidre Franklin tells the story of Eli and Samuel and how they listened to God.

  • The Crossings Leadership Podcast

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  • Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

  • The Journey

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    You may be familiar with the story of David and Goliath found in First Samuel 17. What you may not be as familiar with is the journey David went through over years of tending to his sheep in the wilderness. David skills were honed with him having no idea how God would use them for His purposes. A...

  • How to Study the Bible

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    Having been refined and used for many years, Dr. Cliff Sanders takes you through his 4 step method for studying the bible.

  • God Calls Moses

    Moses is protected as a baby in a special way from a dangerous rule. As he grows up, God calls Moses to save His people from an unfair ruler. God speaks to Moses in a way that only He can.

  • School of Wesleyan Studies Trailer

  • Amazing Grace

    Written on New Year's Eve in 1772 for a New Year's Day message, John Newton unknowingly penned the words to one of the most impactful and powerful hymns ever written. Though this was not sung in the tune we use today, "Faith Review and Expectation" has turned into a peaceful reminder of God's lov...

  • Watch this video first!

    We're excited to introduce Crossings Resources. This video will show you what's on the platform, where you can access it, and how to use it best! For more about Crossings, check out crossings.church.