Encounters with Jesus

Encounters with Jesus

Encounters with Jesus have the power to alter the trajectory of lives. We can see evidence of this woven throughout the gospel stories and in our own stories as well. Join Jill-Poe Thompson in Encounters with Jesus.

Encounters with Jesus
  • Zacchaeus

    In this episode, we're back on the road as Jesus and his disciples make their way to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. As they pass through Jericho, Jesus takes notice of Zacchaeus who was the chief tax collector in town. Despite his questionable character, Jesus chooses to share a meal with Zacch...

  • Bartimaeus

    Along a dusty road outside of Jericho, we meet Bartimeaus, a man who had spent his entire life in blindness begging for money to survive. Even though he was unable to see, Bartimaeus was able to recognize Jesus for who He really was and risked everything to receive the healing that would change ...

  • Mary, Martha, and Lazarus

    Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were a sibling trio who befriended Jesus and supported His ministry. In this episode, we’ll discuss how the lives of these three were changed when they encountered Jesus not just once, but through an ongoing relationship with him.

  • Jairus and The Woman with the Issue of Blood

    In this episode we meet two people who are seemingly very different. Jairus was a man of stature and an insider within his community, while the sick woman's condition left her on the outside unable to experience life interacting with others. Although these two were on opposite ends of the societa...