Daniel Rankin

Daniel Rankin

Daniel Rankin
  • Ep. 5 “It’s time to have THE Talk”

    We live in an over-sexualized culture and our kids will become inundated with sexual content and conversations (if they aren’t already!). As a Dad, it’s our responsibility to outline God’s plan for sexual stewardship by providing an emotionally stable home where these dialogues point to his goodn...

  • Ep 2: Big God and Little Kids

    George B. Shaw said “the biggest mistake in communication is assuming it has taken place.” Shaw was most likely not referring to conversations about faith but that quote really drives home the point of today’s discussion: It would be a mistake to assume our kids understand our faith, or even have...

  • Student Sunday 2021 - OKC

    How are you trusting God?
    Crossings Community Church
    Pastor Daniel Rankin
    July 25, 2021

  • Episode 2 - It's Okay to Care

    If Daniel could go back in time, he wishes he would have known it's okay to care.

  • Words Matter

    Do our words matter? Daniel Rankin answers this question and more in his message on James 3.

  • Ep 6: Psalm You have influence. What are you doing with it?