Come and See

Come and See

In this series, "Come & See", we are are taking a look at different encounters people had with Jesus throughout the Gospels and what we learn about Jesus' character through these encounters.

Come and See
  • Invitation to the Disciples

    As we kick off our "Come & See" series, we take a look at Jesus; His character, His invitations, and how He engages people. What we see see from the very beginning is this: The heart of Jesus is one that so clearly values and loves people, to the extent that He doesn’t allow them to stay hopeles...

  • Jesus Alone Satisfies

    Andy gives a message on the Woman At The Well in John 4, it’s such a powerful story showing how just one encounter with Jesus can change so much.

  • A Faith That Amazes

    We are always looking for something amazing…but have you ever thought about whether Jesus could be amazed by something? The answer is YES he can.

  • The Bad News and The Good News

    At some point you have to know the bad news so that the good news IS good news. In this message we dive into the bad news of our human condition, and the good news of the saving work done through Jesus Christ.

  • Jesus' Response to Our Sin

    In this message, Oakley Alva shows us Jesus' encounter with a woman caught in adultery. It show us how Jesus responds to our sin; our need for Savior that is both incredibly caring, and yet takes our brokenness seriously. Requiring that we turn away from our sinful ways and walk in the light. The...

  • Who Jesus Is

    Who is Jesus? What does He ask of his followers? Join us as we dive into an encounter Jesus had with his disciples asking "Who do you say I am?", and as consider what it means for us to answer the very same question.

  • The Authority of Jesus

    In this message, Bill Search speaks on the authority of Jesus. How He is the true Lord and therefore is the rightful Judge. As judge, He has righteous anger showed in the story of the fig tree and the clearing of the temple. In these stories we get a glimpse of what makes Jesus angry, and how we ...