Blake Bastin

Blake Bastin

Blake Bastin
  • Ep 6: Disrupting Your Story

    Pastor Blake Bastin shares how he found his way back to God after walking away unintentionally.

  • Ep 4: As For Me and My House…

    Joshua 24:15 is a familiar passage, “... as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” How do we go about doing that? How does dad make sure that a house is serving the Lord? Aren’t we all too busy? In this episode, we discuss the promise to do the best we can to make sure that everything that...

  • Ep 5: The Gospel Revealed

    Pastor Blake Bastin gives a message about the demon-possessed man, found in Mark 5. He shares this story to remind us that God loves each and every one of us.

  • The Demon Possessed Man

    Pastor Blake Bastin gives a message on the demon possessed man.

  • Ep 1: 400 Years

    Pastor Blake Bastin explores the 400 years between the Testaments.

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  • So What? A Content Mindset

    This week we had Blake Bastin on the Podcast finishing out our Philippians series in Philippians 4. What is the secret to contentment? How do we find contentment in Christ? How can we know God? We answer these questions and more on this weeks episode of the podcast! This podcast exists to help yo...

  • Ep 4: A Content Mindset

    Pastor Blake Bastin talks about having a content mind.

  • Find Rest for Your Soul

    This week Blake Bastin, Executive Pastor of Ministry and Operations, asked and answered the question, “How do you find rest for your soul?” While current culture says to find rest you need to go deep within yourself and figure out who you are, the fact is, true rest comes from knowing whose you a...

  • Ep 9: How does self-control shape who we become?

    Self-control is a consequence of who you are. Decisions aren’t between what’s right and wrong; they are choosing between being formed by God or the things of this world. Watch this message from Executive Pastor Blake Bastin to learn more.

  • Ep 8: Luke 9:23-27 "Take Up Your Cross"

    In this lesson, Blake Bastin discusses how we can die to ourselves to live for Christ.

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  • Ep 7: John 8:31-38 "The Truth Will Set You Free"

    In this lesson, Blake Bastin goes over the phrase "The Truth Will Set You Free".

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