Bill Search

Bill Search

Bill Search
  • The Power of Friendship with John Ortberg

  • The Spirit of the Disciplines with John Ortberg

  • God is HOLY

    In this message Bill Search speaks on God's Holiness. What does Holy mean? What does God demand of us?

  • God is TRINITY

    Bill Search wraps up our series on "God IS ____" with one of the biggest concepts pertaining to God: The TRINITY. God is one, united in three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • The Authority of Jesus

    In this message, Bill Search speaks on the authority of Jesus. How He is the true Lord and therefore is the rightful Judge. As judge, He has righteous anger showed in the story of the fig tree and the clearing of the temple. In these stories we get a glimpse of what makes Jesus angry, and how we ...

  • Pride

    In his message on James 4, Bill Search speaks on Biblical pride, how it differs from our common understanding of Pride, and how we can combat it.

  • So What is "Quiet Time"? Part 2

    In part two of “So What is ‘Quiet Time’?” We get to talk with Crossings Executive Pastors Terry Feix and Bill Search about their thoughts on “Quite Time”, how their practices have changed through the years, and their advice for how to engage in this practice well. We’re excited to have them on th...