Action Figure Theatre

Action Figure Theatre

Action Figure Theater uses toys to tell true stories from the Bible in a fun and creative way.

Action Figure Theatre
  • Apostles Arrested and Freed

    The apostles are arrested for teaching about Jesus Christ. An angel of the Lord frees them and tells them to continue teaching others. The apostles go and continue to teach people about Jesus no matter what the consequences are for them.

  • Israelites Long For Egypt

    On the Israelite's journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, they began to complain about their living conditions. The people were preoccupied with what they had in Egypt and they were missing out on what God was doing in the present.

  • Jesus and the Little Children

    The disciples try to protect Jesus by removing children from his presence. Instead, Jesus invites the children to come to Him and uses this as an opportunity to teach his followers about the Kingdom of God.

  • Paul In Prison

    Paul and Silas are put in prison for teaching people about Jesus Christ. While in prison, they worship the Lord. Their worship creates an opportunity for them to minister to the jailer.